Laser sources

When choosing the best laser we ask ourselves: How can we reach the optimum for your project?

The answer to that depends on your specific requirements. That's why we use diode lasers of the latest generation. They are Coherent® Genesis TAIPAN laser sources in combination with laser modules by LaserAnimation Sollinger® and reach an output of up to 30 watts.

More facts

  • High beam quality with a beam diameter of 1.4 mm and rich colours, low divergence (full angle): < 1.0 mrad as well as high level of reliability and long service life.
  • Standard wavelengths: 639 nm | 638 nm | 577 nm | 590 nm | 532 nm | 445 nm | 480 nm | 460 nm | 488 nm
  • The colours of the laser are combined to a focused beam of high intensity
  • Homogenous beam profile even with great distances
  • High-end hardware components, CT 6210 H X, Y scanner with 30k (35k) scan speed and 80° projection angle
  • Safety first: the laser beam is deactivated immediately should it move too slowly over the spectator area/li>


You have to be able to depend on laser sources and projectors in every situation. That's why only the best is good enough for us.

DSP controlled

Every one of our shows makes use of highly complex signal processes. This requires real-time controllers who master every challenge.

Carbon screen

Highest stability but hardly any weight – this is the perfect combination for your stage projects that our roll screens offer.

Water screen

The magic team: Laser and water. Indoors and outdoors – we have the tools to captivate your audience.



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